Memorial Options

At Roucan Loch we offer a wide range of memorial options, to allow families to select a personal memorial for their loved one.  To order or discuss a memorial, please contact Jill Templeton on (01387) 266749 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


"Personalised Memorial Leaf"                                       

This unique option allows you to have a personalised engraved leaf for your loved one placed on the Memorial Tree.  The Memorial Tree is situated in our wooden Memorial Lodge which has a cosy feel to it, warmed by a log stove.  It is light and airy and is akin to a mountain log-cabin.


"Memory Lane" Lakeland Slate Path           

A truly bespoke memorial for your loved one, our engraved Lakeland Paviours form part of the exclusive ‘Memory Lane’ path. Expertly carved by master craftsmen, our Lakeland Paviours ensure that the memory of a loved one will never fade. This memorial option is in perpetuity.


Wooden Nesting Box in the Forest of Remembrance

A wooden nesting box for a small bird such as a robin or blue tit will be fixed to one of our 50 year old mature Scots Pine trees in The Forest of Remembrance.  The forest is a peaceful, secluded area with many paths and walkways, allowing time for reflection. A plaque for the tree will be provided and your loved one’s ashes can be interred at the base of the tree.


Roucan Remembrance Chair                          

A brass memorial plaque engraved with your own personal message, will be fixed to a Roucan Remembrance Chair in our chapel overlooking the loch. This is a special way to commemorate a loved one and the plaque will be seen by all who visit the chapel


Rhododendron Bush                                           

Your choice of a rhododendron bush in a prime location overlooking Roucan Loch.

These evergreen bushes flower in spring and early summer and grow in a variety of beautiful colours.  A plaque is provided and the ashes may be interred beside the bush.


Jubilee Wood Memorial Tree                         

You may select a tree from our very special Jubilee Wood. This peaceful area at the top of the loch was planted in 2012 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. A pastoral site with views across Roucan Loch with the added bonus of a tranquil stream flowing by.


Memorial Tree           

A popular option and due to high demand, there is a limited availability of memorial trees.  Our grounds staff will help you to select a tree.  If available, you may prefer a Rowan or Birch tree close to the loch or perhaps a fir tree in the Forest of Remembrance.  You are invited to create a miniature natural garden at the base of the tree and the ashes may also be interred within the plot.  An engraved plaque will also be provided with your chosen wording.


Book of Remembrance                                       

Our Book of Remembrance has been placed in our comfortable Memorial Lodge which is separate from the main building.  This option provides a permanent memorial and a beautful and lasting tribute to someone who has been very special in your life.  The entries themselves are inscribed by highly skilled calligraphers and talented artists in London.  The wording is personalised and may include an emblem or motif.  All entries in the Book of Remembrance are also available to view on our touch screen Book of Remembrance which is housed in the memorial lodge and allows access to records during opening hours.


Final Journey into Roucan Loch     

For those who wish their ashes to be laid to rest in Roucan Loch.  The journey urn is beautifully handcrafted from sustainably produced and biodegradable paper and wildflowers.  Ashes are placed inside for a water interment.

Our Funeral Celebrant will conduct a short service for close family at the side of the loch before the Journey Urn is placed in the water, floating briefly before sinking gracefully to its final resting place. 

Final Journey is idieally combined with an engraved paviour in Memory Lane, ensuring that the memory of your loved one is remembered in perpetuity. 


Release of Memorial Fish into Roucan Loch   

A delighful option unique to Roucan Loch, giving you the opportunity to release two indigenous brown trout in memory of your loved one.

Fish release is ideally combined with an engraved paviour in Memory Lane, ensuring that the memory of your loved one is remembered in perpetuity.


Interment of Ashes in the Peace Garden     

The Peace Garden is divided up into months from January - December and ashes will be interred in the appropriate section.