'Svalbard' Waiting Area

A specially designed waiting area opened in the autumn of 2010 at Roucan Loch.  Svalbard is a viking longhouse-style building which was designed to compliment the existing Scandinavian complex.  It is named after the island archipelago north of Norway and compliments beautifully the "natural place" ethos of Roucan Loch.

Svalbard is the summer home of the Barnacle Geese which winter here on the Solway and which often visit Roucan Loch.  The geese theme continues inside the waiting room, with the poem "Something Told The Wild Geese" by Rachel Field, on a wooden plaque.  The waiting room has taken a few years to get just right, but we feel it compliments the area and provides a bright and welcoming place for people needing a coffee after a long journey.  There are also toilet facilites within Svalbard.

'Svalbard' means a land at the end of the ocean, in old Norse, and we feel that could bring comfort to a lot of people who have lost someone.    The flying geese symbolise geese flying away and in the depths of a Scottish winter, it can be comforting that Svalbard is that summer home of our loved ones who are no longer with us, in "a land at the end of the ocean".

Svalbard enhances the area and will provide a bright and welcoming place for people needing a coffee after a long journey.  It serves not only as a very practical building where families are encourages to gather before a service, but also as a shelter from the strong winds, rain and snow of winter.  It is also possible to view our many garden birds and red squirrels feeding, as Svalbard can also act as a bird hide and has a nest box camera installed.